two questions

There are a few reflection exercises I like. This is a daily one, and I’ve mentioned it before on my company’s blog. It helps me stay mindful.

Every night I ask myself:

1. Are you proud of the choices you are making at home?
2. Are you proud of the choices you making at work?

The exercise struck me as inherently Buddhist in its focus on action (not results). It’s a self-check, innit?

It’s also closely related to NA/AA speak. Meetings, and those who attend them, are full of platitudes. Some are great, in that I find them amusing and accurate (Those who relapse are attending powerlessness graduate school) and some are real shit, in that I find them nauseating in their triteness (Directions to AA: Just go straight to hell and make a U-turn). Clearly, I have mixed feelings about the program. Forgive me that (or don’t).

One, though, has stayed with me for years: Do the next right thing.

Like the daily reflections I’m really digging, I can get behind this for the same reason: It’s action oriented and it pulls me into the present. Most days, I wish I had done better. I lose my temper at home or my focus at work. I regret wasted time. The exercise is, most days, uncomfortable for me. I think there’s something to be said, though, on living through that uncomfortableness. 

just that.

just that.



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3 responses to “two questions

  1. Charles Houser

    Stay the course. One day at a time. You are doing well.

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  2. I love the phrase “regret wasted time.” It describes not living in the present so perfectly, as well as not living life to the fullest. Recovery should bring forth positive experiences and gain valuable relationships and opportunities, not “regret wasted time.” Wonderfully put!

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