He doesn’t know why

Today, upon getting the Kaiser ready to take a bath, I took off his button-up shirt and saw… well, his father apparently bought the kid some undershirts. Paired with the Sponge Bob underwear bunched up and sticking out the top of his jeans, I don’t even… I think I’m speechless.

Sweet God.

I took two:

What? There's a lizard in my shirt.



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6 responses to “He doesn’t know why

  1. Jesus, Mary and Joseph – how adorable is that kid?

    Also, the top photo – AH HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. THUG LIFE 4EVA!

    Sorry. I’ll stop now.

  2. Aubrey

    Ha! ah hahahhhaahahahahahahaha.. oh jed.

  3. Oh my word, that is too adorable for words. I didn’t even know they made undershirts for the little ones. How do you even get through your day with this kid? I’d be lugging him around, giving him squeezes and pinching his cheeks all day long. Too too cute.

    • sarafraser

      I didn’t know they made them either. Trust Jed to find and purchase, though. He is cute, but he’s also thoroughly insane. Don’t let the handsome face fool you.

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