Another Mommy

“You got soap in my eeeeeeeeeye,” Cole yells as I dump a cup of warm water over his head, washing the coconut-scented conditioner from his long hair.

“No, I didn’t. Keep your eyes closed. “ I pour another cupful of clean water, pushing his hair back so the water misses his face. He tilts his face back.

“You did.”

“Shhh. Gimme a second.”

“No. Gimme a towel.”

“Stop bein’ a baby. Two seconds.”

He glares at me with his one squenched-up eye.

“I want a new mommy,” he says.

I hand him a towel and he rubs it over his eyes, blinking.

“Yeah? Are you sure?” I ask as I close the toilet lid to sit down.

“I’m sure. I want you to call another girl and she can be my mommy.” He hands back the towel and I hang it back up on the hook by the tub.

“Alright. Let me get the phone.” I raise my eyebrows and he grins at me.

“No, that’s ok. You can be my mommy. You want to be a moth with me?” He stands to climb out of the tub and I reach in to pull the plug.

The water swirls down the drain and I wrap him in a big green towel. He flaps his arms and lets me hold him close, just for a moment.

“Yes, let’s be moths,” I say and flap my one free arm.



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3 responses to “Another Mommy

  1. sarafraser

    Glad y’all liked. 🙂

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