Aw, I’ve Missed You Too

I’ve been busy! The madness of this season and the madness of my job and the madness of being the best mom EVAR… these things distract me. Here, let’s catch you up.

In late November I traveled with my sister to Barcelona. We toured cathedrals:

Sara and Taylor

Team A Atop La Seu

We took a few days to visit Montserrat:


Arrival in Montserrat

We did some hiking:


I had a smoke at the top

On the plane to Spain, I wrote this:

I hate flying. I fucking detest flying. And yet (I am knocking wood this trip, thus far, has been something bordering on pleasant. I’m a cheap, poor soul so I bought a shitty, un-upgradable ticket that takes me through both Detroit and Amsterdam before I land in Barcelona tomorrow morning to meet my sister. This is bad. It’s bad and yet – right now – I’m not homicidal.

So yeah; one stop down, and Detroit wasn’t too shabby. Although, that whole airport is non-smoking. I can dig that, but they didn’t even offer the typical 12 x 12 room full of smoke and pissed-off passengers. I like those rooms. If you can get past the stink, you’ll meet the nicest people in the airport there, chain smoking and nodding at each other with a sense of camaraderie. Oh, I also couldn’t find a power outlet, which means my computer will be shot about halfway through the flight. Eh, I changed my mind. Fuck you, Detroit.

My seat is over the back of the right wing. The sun is setting out my window, over the Atlantic, and the moon is clear and high and just a bit more than half full. It’s stunning and I looked out, pressing my nose against the cold window, and allowed myself to have a weird, sentimental moment. Fleet Foxes’ Mykonos was playing and the flight attendant gave me two extra packets of peanuts.

[Normally, I don’t eat peanuts. But have you ever been around someone eating peanuts when you weren’t also eating peanuts? It’s disgusting. That’s the only reason I eat ’em. Flights and in the car, when I can’t escape the chewed-up peanut smell emanating from other peoples’ mouths]

So the flight attendant hands me the peanuts and I smile at her and place my extras on the empty seat next to mine. I’m sitting crossed legged, have my Mac and my iPod and my Diet Coke spread out over two seats. That the seat next to me is empty is the biggest thrill I’ve experienced in months. Is that sad? It’s great. The seat is probably empty because I choose this row right near the bathroom, but I’m ok with that. Other human beings are unfun, particularly in confined spaces and for more than 5 minutes. I’d rather smell shit than have to hear it for eight hours.


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One response to “Aw, I’ve Missed You Too

  1. Dan

    Looks like you had fun…..glad to see you back in the blogosphere

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