Team Rabbit

Last Saturday, we joined the Georger family at Fisher’s Orchard for Hudson’s first-birthday party.

Hudson the Cool

He was quite pleased with the set-up

It was a gorgeous day and the kids were delightful and we got to pick out some pumpkins.

Cole and pumpkins

These'll do, Mom. These'll do.

They also featured a fine selection of friendly barnyard animals. And animals are AWESOME.

goat and kids

I could hang out at a petting zoo all day.

There were several rabbit hutches and the Kaiser spent most of his time lovingly running his pudgy fingers over black fur. A sign on the hutches indicated that one could buy a rabbit for a very reasonable $10. As we took a hay ride through the apple trees, I considered adding a rabbit to the family. They’re cute. I have no impulse control. So I text Jed.

Sara: Hey, man they have rabbits for sale here and they’re awesome rabbits.
Jed: Uhhhh.
Sara: They’re so cute. I want 14.
Jed: Nope.

By this time, I had regained control over my frontal lobe. While the impulse was stymied, I decided to entertain myself a bit more.

Sara: Uh ooooooooh.
Jed: What?
Jed: What, Sara? You did not get a rabbit.
Sara: I did. I got two. I had to! $10 a pop!
Jed: WTF
Sara: I got two and Cole has named them Wigert and Turd. They’re really precious.
Jed: Oh god. You can’t have two rabbits. In a month, you’ll have 60 rabbits.
Jed: Please tell me you didn’t get two rabbits.
Sara: I did, but one is for my house and one is for your house. You get Turd.
Jed: I have two cats, Sara. I cannot have a rabbit.
Sara: Welp, you get Turd. Cole has already decided. It shall be so.
Jed: Sara, what the fuck. I don’t want a rabbit.
Sara: Oops. Well, he’s really cute.

The texts occurred over a three-hour span, as Jed dealt with customers and I cackled. On his way to my apartment, he called, his voice a high-pitch timbre of utter panic.

“Please, please tell me you didn’t get rabbits, Sara.”
I smile and step outside to light a cigarette. “Yeah, but don’t worry. Seriously, they’re awesome.”
I hear Jed sigh. “They’re filthy and they eat their own poop.”
“No, Jed. These rabbits are litter-box trained.”

Hearing his nearly continuous sigh, I told him the truth. I wanted to let it play out until he arrived, sweating and hysterical, but determined that it was time to end the torture. I still want a rabbit.

Sara and Cole

Team Rabbit



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8 responses to “Team Rabbit

  1. Kevin

    Lol, love it 🙂

  2. Dot

    You look lovely, Sara, and your son is a major cutie. I’m allergic to furry animals, but if I’d been offered a rabbit named Turd, I so would have taken it.

    You are awesome. Your blog is awesome. I look forward to it daily ~ whether I am honored by a new read or not, I still peruse things that make me think or chuckle.

    Thank you =) And yes, I am nerdy enough to use the little symbol smiley faces, but I’m adorable so I get away with it!

    • sarafraser

      You ARE adorable and I’m so glad that you read and dig the blog. Seriously. While I’m all, “Ohhh, I write because it’s my CRAFT,” I appreciate the feedback and without it, I’d probably break down with a bag of stolen Halloween candy and cry my way through several dozen Baby Ruths. What?

      Thank you. :>

  3. Tanis

    Sara you really make me laugh! Love reading your blog’s,Great talent you have:))

  4. AD

    That was cruel! And you’ll be really glad you didn’t get one. We, however, did get a new dog. White with black eyes, big paws, 5 months; I think we’ll call her Luna. She’s NOT housebroken!

    • sarafraser

      Maaan, that’s the problem with dogs: shit. And yes, yes, I know that I’m mean but the funny was WAY worth it. XO to the new addition… Can’t wait to meet the mad beast.

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