New Day and Age

Over the past few months, our children have made numerous attempts to kill (or seriously maim, or severely hurt the feelings of) each other. The Kaiser and Hayden have been pals since they were 9 months old. That’s… a lifetime. I mean, they’re four. They have no recollection of an existence without each other. The boys learned to walk together, began speaking together, worked through toddler (un)sharing together. Their first day of pre-school, they walked through the doors hand-in-hand. And yet, like any relationship, there’s tension, misunderstanding, passive-aggressive bitching. You know. A three-year friendship has brought it share of ups and downs. And downs and downs.

the boys

Did you know Mars has 142 volcanoes?

Karen and I have cut back on playdates because they ultimately resulted in tears or screaming. We’ve let them take some time off, make a few new friends, enjoy a little personal space. So when we began soccer together on Monday, I was anxious. Funny thing, though — while they may hate each other (and sometimes, they really do), they stick together. They encourage each other. They laugh and fall and share water bottles. It’s almost creepy.

the boys again

Mom, Grover wants to be a princess for Halloween.

Things will, of course, continue to evolve, and I have no idea where we’re going. They may be lifelong friends. They may grow apart. What they have now, though, is pretty damn good.



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5 responses to “New Day and Age

  1. CWK

    They’re both incredibly adorable…but theyre at that age…(and boys really honestly do mature slower than girls)…so really, theyre in their “Terrible Twos”, even though they aren’t. If that makes any sense at all.

  2. Sweetest boys I’ve ever known!

  3. Karen

    Tear. And Smile. And nod.

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