Gimme a Hug, Steven

God, I want to high five this guy:

I'd say he's pleased.

After landing at Kennedy International, JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater got alllll pissed at a passenger. So he gets on the mic, berates the guy, activates the emergency-evacuation slide, grabs a beer, and slides away. (Read whole story)

He was later arrested. “When they hit that emergency chute, it drops down quickly within seconds,” a law enforcement official said. “If someone was on the ground and it came down without warning, someone could be injured or killed.”

This law enforcement officer is right, but no one got hit. Or KILT. And while irresponsible, you know you know how he felt. Is there anything more annoying than flying? Erm, nope. So could there be any job more annoying than being a flight attendant? Doubtful. I salute you, Steven.


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