Waking to rain, staccato gray mornings, is one of the few events that results in an immediate good morning. It makes me content. Before the rain came, I was nudged awake by little feet pressing against my thigh. The Kaiser slept with me last night, which he rarely does, because he had nightmares about a Venus Fly Trap eating a person.

This movie usta make me uneasy, but I think that's because Rick Moranas is gross.

And now, I’ve gotta take the kid to an early-morning birthday party at Pump It Up. I hear parents bitch and whine about Pump It Up, but I think that’s probably because they’re too lame to toss some four-year olds out of the way and bounce.

If this thing had a Venus Fly Trap on it.... yeah.



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5 responses to “Bounce

  1. Dan

    I love to bounce, but most of the time they tell me I weigh to much…..I think I’m gonna start a company that rents bouncy things for old fat people so they CAN jump alongside their kids…..who wants to takethe video of that?

  2. Toot

    I pushed Cierra out of the way in the obstacle coarse looking one because I didn’t want Hayden to beat me. I’ll push some kids in the bounce house. I’ll do it.

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