Compassion & Pugs

Because it’s Monday, it’s 6:25 a.m., and I’m answering work e-mails:

I believe compassion to be one of the few things we can practice that will bring immediate and long-term happiness to our lives. I’m not talking about the short-term gratification of pleasures like sex, drugs or gambling (though I’m not knocking them), but something that will bring true and lasting happiness. The kind that sticks. -Dalai Lama XIV

Last night, I ran to Publix for some watermelon and Pull-Ups. I happened to be wearing my Pugs, Not Drugs t-shirt:

It's true.

Two teenage boys complimented me on the shirt and I was like, “Goddamn, I’m cool.” I proudly relate this to Jed, who points out that Pugs Not Drugs logo is Eh, I’ll take it.



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3 responses to “Compassion & Pugs

  1. Dan

    Maybe they thought it said “Jugs not Drugs”

  2. Toot

    First of all you don’t look a day over 19 so they probably thought you were running out for your little brother who peed his pants. And you are too short to ride most of the roller coasters at six flag so your wicked large breasts look even more dangerous on your tiny frame.

    And that shirt. MY God Sara, you have about 7 t shirts that look like you picked them out of my closet from 9th grade, You should know those boys were not complimenting you on being a cooler “older chic” – They were wondering what high school you went to.

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