I Exercised (Sorta and For Ten Minutes)

God, no one hates physical activity more than me.

Exercise Sucks

Exercise: You're Doing It Wrong.

But diet pills make me feel all woozy and like I’m on the verge of cardiac arrest. Yoga, I can dig, but the only classes I can make are at 6am on Monday and Friday – I know, it’s barbaric.

In an effort to get proactive, I set the DVR to record all episodes of Namaste Yoga. This morning, I dragged myself from bed, pulled my hair into a ponytail and stumbled downstairs. I started the coffee, shoved Eleanor out the back door to do her bidness, and turned on the TV. Yeah, Namaste Yoga doesn’t come on until 8:30am.

So I pretended to stretch, staggered around the living room for a few minutes, and grunted through 18 crunches. All in all, I say it was a win.



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17 responses to “I Exercised (Sorta and For Ten Minutes)

  1. LOL I went to the gym yesterday for the first time in like 4 months. I lasted just over 15 mins on the treadmill.

  2. A minor triumph, good lady.

    I still say you can do eet,


  3. I want to make a t-shirt to wear to my next Yoga class (fortunately mine don’t start ’til 8 p.m.) that says, “Bring the Fucking Pain.” I’m sure my Zen-loving, the-world-is-puppies-pie-and-peace instructor will be thrilled. Maybe he’s already noticed that I have to hide my face when he does his “hmmmmmmmmmmmms” to keep from laughing?

    • sarafraser

      What did you take this morning? GIVEITTOME. And I want you to make me a shirt. That says that. It should also have a hotdog on it, and possibly a rat.

  4. Yoga is good. Except some of those poses make me feel dirty. I say stick with the spanx.

    • sarafraser

      I do not believe that you’re a yoga prude. The only one that I find even moderately uncomfortable is supine butterfly. It’s gross.

  5. don’t fret. i gain and lose 3-5 pounds daily just by eating food, drinking water and, uh, pooping?

    but if you are fretting… @fitnessmagazine just tweeted this article: http://www.fitnessmagazine.com/health/body/quit-smoking/quit-smoking-without-gaining-an-ounce/ (yeeahhh, i follow fitnessmag on twitter, sigh) that says nicotine makes your body burn an extra 200 calories per day. so a daily 30 minute walk should now make up the difference. D: good luck!

  6. Dan

    Sounds like a full workout to me :)….did I mention my first work out of the year consisted of stepping outside in full running regalia to return inside immediately becuase it was too cold? At this point the 2500th anniversery of the first marathon in greece is gonna have to run itself!

  7. I’m the worst of the worst- I’m kickin it lame style at the illustrious CURVES! Lord, who does that- I mean besides my mom? Worst part? I am enjoying it. They might convince me to join them at the end of my free 30 day trail. It’s a half hour daily cult, I swear.

    • sarafraser

      Ah, a friend of mine swore by Curves. I figure as much as I push single-sex education, I’d prolly love single-sex workouts. JOIN!

  8. What you need is a visit to a Greek, family beaach.
    70 year old grannies letting it all hang out and demonstrating what no exercise does to the human body, it is damned scary!!

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