Does Anyone Still Listen to 3 Doors Down?

No? Why not? I mean, it’s not of Montreal, but does EVERYTHING have to be good? Sometimes I just want to listen to a song about a guy and a girl and missing each other. OK? No deeper meaning. No metaphor. No subtlety.

Lead singer is a little strange looking, but shit, I’ve had pornographic fantasies about Adam Duritz since I was 17.

Don't Smoke

Really? This is so not worth it.

Still no smoking. Not gonna smoke. But I’ve gained two pounds. Is that even possible? It is, because I’ve totally gained two pounds. Hate.



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12 responses to “Does Anyone Still Listen to 3 Doors Down?

  1. How come the Octopus has 9 tentacles? Because he smokes??’

    Does smoking cause you to have extra appendages?

  2. Carolina

    This is where you tell yourself that your lungs have just gained two pounds.

    But Adam Duritz…seriously?? Dude, that totally tops my X-rated dream with Kiefer Southerland.

    • sarafraser

      I’ve definitely had A.D. sex dreams. :/ And, doesn’t the guy from Man Vs. Food look like him?

      Kiefer is good lookin’, particularly in The Lost Boys.

  3. Patrick

    iGoogle is saying it can’t locate your feed, and this is after I subscribe to your blog through your blog. I can’t be held responsible for missing a post just because your “technology” can’t handle this simple operation.

  4. An octopus that smokes itself!
    Is that the same as a self basting turkey?

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