New Year’s Eve? Smew Year’s Eve.

It’s hard to get a sitter for NYE. No worries, though, because we didn’t really want to go anywhere anyway. I made a deeeelicious baked, vegetarian spaghetti (did I mention that the husband is trying to consume less meat? It’s awesome.) The Kaiser went to bed at 9, and I commenced the watching of Gangland. Annnnnd, then I fell asleep:


Gangland is exhausting.

Resolutions? Eh, I’m going to quit smoking. It’s time. But don’t harass me about it. I’m also going to get back to yoga. It’s time. But don’t harass me about it.

The dog.

Leave my human ALONE.

Also? I’m going to keep writing (seriously? You totally knew that.) I’m running over a novel idea, but nothing has solidified yet. Annnd, I’m beginning a new “Lemme See Yo’ Desk” blog series, so stay tuned.



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5 responses to “New Year’s Eve? Smew Year’s Eve.

    • sarafraser

      Ha. I just went back to the picture and looked and she IS huge. I guess I never notice as she’s always with Jimmy, who’s such a fatass.

  1. Dude, one day over the summer there was a gangland marathon on. My husband and I? HOOKED.

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