John, You Do Not Know Weather

Last March when it snowed, I just had a feelin’. Yesterday? Not so much. Plus I can totally tell when John Cessarich is being a lying turd. I’m fairly certain that WYFF and Publix have some sort of corrupt deal going on… Hey, hey guys. Call for snow 24-hours in advance. These South Carolinians will run out and clear the shelves. Milk and bread? Ahahaha. What will we give you for your weather lies? Well, uh, you can take as much Publix-brand cat food as you can carry.

Happy Friday, kiddies.

No words.

Want more? Stew says ta check out fuck yeah cats!



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2 responses to “John, You Do Not Know Weather

  1. LOL. Your post so cracked me up. We’re actually supposed to have a snow storm up here in Virginia (12-24 inches expected). We’ll see how it all pans out. But people here, even where we do get snow a few times – if not more – a year, will still clear out the bread/milk/eggs/water from the grocery stores. So funny – and sometimes annoying!

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