Today? Today I Feel Like This:

Mediocrity is a hair ball coughed up on the Persian carpet of creation.



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12 responses to “Today? Today I Feel Like This:

  1. Hahahahhaha! Love IT!!! Care to explain?

  2. Do you have another shovel?

    • sarafraser

      I was inspired by your eloquent use of shovel on my FB page a few weeks back. Seriously, I Googled “shovel,” and this came up. I haven’t stopped laughing.

  3. Awwww, Sara…so sorry. Hang in there. It’s a great sign that someone has requested more. These days are always the hardest for me–I turn into the most uncivilized loser turd on the planet. My family always knows when I’ve gotten a rejection. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you get better responses from others.

    • sarafraser

      Thanks, Carol. And I love that you just called yourself a turd. No, no. An “uncivilized loser turd.” Haaaaa. Sending you good wishes as well.

  4. It’s only one agent, and only one rejection, good lady. It’s all part of the path to publication. You’ll get there. Keep at it!

  5. Claire

    Awesome. I may have to put a framed copy of this on my desk.

    Did you know there’s a Web site that will turn your rejection letters into toilet paper? Just sayin’…

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