Eazy E & Me


Stop lookin' at me like that, Eazy.

The past few days, I’ve had two rap songs (80s era, I think) running through my head:

1. Slick Rick’s La-Di-Da-Di – I just keep singing, “La di da di. We likes ta pahty. We don’t cause trouble. We don’t botha nobody.”

2. Eazy E’s Gimme That Nutt – My line of choice? “Ah, shit, all over your face.” :/ The song is just as disgusting as you think it is.

This happens, the weird lyrics from somewhere deep in my better-left-undisturbed subconscious, when I’m stressed. It’s time to yoga. Clearly.



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16 responses to “Eazy E & Me

  1. How they even get in your subconscious? Hmmmmm..someone was a thug.

  2. Is now the time and place to confess that in high school I listened to N.W.A. and Ice Cube? Nah. I won’t bring that up.

  3. Love the E.Z.! So small and sexy- I remember how when he died it freaked me and my buddies out. Oh the bygone days….

  4. Haha! Oh my word, I haven’t even heard these. Don’t think I want to, actually. Hope yoga exorcises the demons for you 😉

    • sarafraser

      Nah, you mostly likely don’t. Although, listening to “Gimme That Nutt” is guaranteed to make you go, “Oh God,” at least twice. It’s fun.

  5. Does the song disappear when you yoga though? I think my subconscious would just play it louder?

  6. Tina

    Love it! Easy-E can look at me like that all day!!

  7. MattDre

    Hae to break it to ya babe, and you are a babe. But Lodi Dodi is a str8 up Snoop Dog song it on Doggystyle. Remember that! …”And with your wrinkled p#SS$ I cant be your lover” Anyway just stumbled across your page and got a kick out of it. My Name is Mattdre and Im from Portland Or, 28 Y.O.A. Just thought id clear that up for ya. You were close though cause Snoop D-O-Double-G Does “give a shout out to Slick Rick” in Lodi Dodi!
    -Audi 5

  8. Eazy e was so fine and its sad that he had to die like that we miss ya R.I.P GOD FATHER OF GANGSTA RAP!!! big ups to dre,cube,ren, and yella boi!!! WHEN NWA cumin back in tha game…….we deffinately miss that STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON and GANGSTA GANGSTA…..ALL THAT GOOD SHIT (R.I.P EAZY-E)

  9. tpnt22@yahoo.com

    When I learned EazyE was in the hospital dying of AIDS, I will never forget the words he spoke… a few days before dying.. he said he would have given anything to be able to get in a drop top and go for a long drive with the sun shining on his face just one last time.

    It was something about EaszyE that left an impression on me. He is still missed to this day! I believe he would have grown into a successful, clean cut music mogul had he lived.. but we will never know.

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