Thanksgiving Special

Junk that makes life more tolerable:

  1. My red St. Giles sweatshirt – God, it feels so good. If I had a tiny beaded necklace and Gap Dream body spray, I’d swear I was in 11th grade.
  2. The Husband – When I call him to bitch, he pretends to listen and that’s enough for me. He also dances, and its glorious. And he smells good.
  3. The Kaiser – Did I mention he said “motherfucker” yesterday? No? Well he did.* I’d rather be talking to him about bugs than doing, oh, anything.
  4. Chips and salsa – Truth: This should be number 1.
  5. Little Murray Sparkles** – She is beautiful and kind and her breath smells like sunshine.
  6. Eleanor Frito Fraser – My little hot-water bottle, the Frito keeps me warm and is the best snuggler I know. She features her own stink cloud, a Kermit-the-Frog face and a positive attitude.
  7. Marlboro Light Menthols – We may say goodbye, but you’ll always be my best friend.
  8. Diet Coke – Have no fear, DC, I shall never abandon you.
  9. Insanely creative friends, old and new – Memes, Tommy, Kevin (dude, get a website), Simon, Dan, Carla (duuuude)… I’m inspired.
  10. Writing – And everything*** that comes with it. I appreciate those that read, that comment, that send me luuuuvz when I need it. I’m thankful.
  11. Sobriety – It’s been a while now. And yeah, recovery is sexy. 😀

*Alrightalright, I said it first. Trying to get the motherfucking car seat strapped down. And I apologized.

**Honorable mention: St. Jimmy no Balls (On days he doesn’t take a human-sized dump and on the rare occasions he doesn’t bite me, look generally disgusting or plot my demise)

***Third rejection today. It’s still OK.

I love it, OK? I do. I'm eating it right now.



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8 responses to “Thanksgiving Special

  1. Tina

    I am thankful fo yo’ funny ass blog!

    • sarafraser

      I’m sitting here eating cranberry sauce and white chocolate peanut butter cups… And then I read that. And laughed. It was not pretty. I lurv you.

  2. That’s two links in three days, honey. Seriously, it’s going to go to my head. 🙂

    And what is that bottom image of? Spam? Jello made in a can? Very old cranberry sauce? Oohh… cranberry sauce. I get it. (I’m slow tonight.)

    Have a happy one, good lady. Chips and salsa for the appetizer course tomorrow?

    • sarafraser

      You and the linking. Haaa.

      Cranberry sauce! Jeeeesus. And no. Unfortunately, no one loves chips and salsa like I love chips and salsa so I shall do without. :/

      You and the fam have a good one.

  3. Karen Schultz

    I’m thankful for PUDDLE.

  4. Hi Sara,

    Hey thanks for the link! So glad you found me. I’ll be checking out your stuff, but wanted to dash off a quick hello and my gratitude. Your flattery means I’ll have to work even harder to keep it all fresh and fun.

    Have a great weekend!

    Chris R.

  5. Kimberly

    As I was reading this I ate almost an entire sandwich only to find mold on the crust that I was about to savor. Yeeeeah after that I completely forgot what I was going to comment.

  6. Dan

    I smiled all the way through. It’s nice to stop and count blessings….

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