It Comes Out They Nose

I pick up the boys from school. I load them both into the car and we set off toward home.

Cole & Hayden

You see Hayden givin' me the stink eye? Yeah.

They ignore me. I’m OK with that.

The Kaiser: You like dragons, Hayden?
Hayden: Yeah, I like dragons. You like dragons?
The Kaiser: Yeah, I like the dragons. Dragons have fire that comes out they nose.
Hayden: Hahahaha. Fire comes out they nose.
The Kaiser: Mahahaha. Yeah. Fire comes out they nose!


Out they nose!

I turn up the music.

The Kaiser: Mama, turn it down!
Me: Whaaa?
The Kaiser: We needs quiet.

I turn down the music. I actually turn down the fucking music. And again, whaaaaa?

Hayden: What else they do?
The Kaiser: They put the fire on your face. They put the fire in your ears.
Hayden: Hahahaha. They put the fire in your eyebrow.
The Kaiser: Hayeah. They do.

the Kaiser

Turn down the music, wench. We're conversing.



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13 responses to “It Comes Out They Nose

  1. The last caption is my favorite. Where can I use that line? Really, I just want to be able to use the word “wench,” but haven’t found an appropriate venue yet.

    Hilaarious post.

  2. Kimberly

    I love those cuties. It is remarkable when we actually listen to what someone under 3 foot demands. Sometimes it even takes me a few minutes to realize that I have just been punked.

  3. haaaaaaaaa i love that whole dialogue

  4. i’m laughing out loud. mostly bc of hayden’s stink eye. kinda reminds me of karen’s stink eye. ha! 🙂 ah.

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