9 responses to “Hazelnut Love

  1. hands down best search term to sweet tater today… “gaston the bulky meany from beauty in the beast.”

    yes, IN the beast.

  2. Kimberly

    I played kickball with Gordon Dill. He’s like 6 foot 8. But he is nice. And you know he only acts that cheesy in front of the camera. For the life of me I cannot remember his real name. What does googling Gordon Dill lead you to?

    Plus I had a rendezvous with his good friend. His really hot friend.

  3. eltreedr

    It’s true. I’m not THAT bad. You may have something with “snarky” but consider the medium.

    And “Gordon Dill” IS my real name but, growing up, I went by my middle name. Some folks, like my wife and close friends still call me “Rob”.

    Anytime you want to have a philosophical chat, let me know.


  4. claire

    You are a much more responsible person than me. I’ve got Frangelico and milk, not hazelnut creamer.

  5. Oh God! ….runs to grab the frangelico 🙂

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