The Kaiser [in bed]: Faday Saday!

Me: [walking down the stairs]: Don’t talk back to me, CT.

The Kaiser: If you’d leave me alone, I wouldn’t.


Does that make me Lois?



Filed under Preschool, Raising Kids

4 responses to “Smartassery

  1. Ha! Oh babe. You need to start video documenting these things. I love to hear kids speak. And what can you do but laugh it all off?

    • sarafraser

      I stood there for a good four-and-a-half seconds, shocked. And then I called up, “Cole, that’s not nice.” He got it. He knew he had gone well past the line of OK.
      And yeah, then I laughed. I think you’re right about the recording. I’ll use shit like that for audible Christmas (Festivus?) cards. 😀

  2. Dan Whipkey


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