Friday Rant: Health Care, Being Hot, and Football

Watching Gordon Dill say asinine things about the weather and waiting for the Kaiser to wake. I’m pretty sure that the kid has an ear infection, which means an hour-long trip to the doctor for a four-minute visit and a prescription for antibiotics. I’m resisting the urge to rant about the state of heath care. Resisting. The. Urge.

Ya know what? Fuck it. I’ve been nursing a wicked bad mood for about a week now. Rant tiiiiiiime.

Current irritations:

  1. Health Care
    And people that somehow find the current system workable. And people that disagree with the system, offer their well-thought reasons for disagreeing with the proposed reforms but have NO BETTER ALTERNATIVES.
    Here’s my idea: Grab your pitchforks (you fucking crazy rednecks), pop open your Natty Lights and enjoy a nice mumble session how Obama is ruining the country. From your own front porch. 😀
  2. H1N1
    I want my vaccination and I want it now. So I call Cole’s pediatrician. No, they don’t know when they’ll get the vaccination. No idea. But – they do have the regular flu shot, available on Saturday clinics. I ask if we can come in this Saturday. No, they’re all booked up. For two weeks. Superb. You know what? We’re going rogue. No vaccinations. We’ll build up some immunity (and perhaps barricade ourselves in our home through March 2010).
  3. Football
    I hate it. I hate everything about it. A bunch of overpaid, undereducated jerkoffs running around a field blitzin’ each other and junk. What? Really? People waste hours (days?) of their lives watching this drivel. Pick up a book. Have a conversation. (Mr. Whipkey, this applies to all BUT you.) The amount of money they’re paid? Appalling. You, football fan, should be appalled. While teachers, police officers, nurses, writers (*ahem*), yada – while they get paid jack, these assholes make bank.*
  4. Being Hot
    No, I’m not talking about my striking good looks. Haaaa. The heat is on in my house. I turn it off during the day. But when we come home from work and school, it’s roasting. Scorching. Steamy. Yeah. And I refuse to turn on the air conditioning. It’s principle. So we suffer. I open the doors. I turn on the overhead fans. And the Kaiser looks at me like he’s being mistreated. Too bad, kid. Put on some shorts and suck it up. AC is off for the season.
  5. Rude People
    Are people particularly rude lately? I think they are. I think it’s getting WORSE. Humans are selfish, grabby and mean. And I’m going
    Amy Alkon. Mark my words. The next person that’s rude to me is being invoiced for my time and trouble and irritation.

OK, I feel better. You probably feel worse. I’m sorry for that. Here, have a nice picture:

It turns out in the real world, hippos fucking kill people.

It turns out in the real world, hippos kill people. Shhh.

Peace, Love & BE FUCKING NICE,


*Yes, I know they’re not all jerks. And I know they’re not all uneducated. I still hate it. And it’s still ridiculous. So don’t. Even. Bother.



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4 responses to “Friday Rant: Health Care, Being Hot, and Football

  1. bridget cominsky

    I am with you on the healthcare issue. I am so tired of people disrespecting and bad mouthing a GOOD man. I held my tongue when we had the dumbest president alive! I actually sat with uneducated rednecks at work yesterday and they kept showing me the text they had of Obama. Seriously!!!!!! It was an animated picture of Obama’s Head coming out of a penis! Really?! Then they started talking about the Nobel Peace Prize…until I asked them what the Peace prize was…they had no clue! I love how uneducated people talk about stuff they have never even heard of

    • sarafraser

      The problem, I think, is that the people who are the *most* staunch about any issue are also generally the people that aren’t willing to listen or think outside their little boxes. Me? Honestly? I change my mind about things….All the time.

  2. Hater!

    Yeah they are overpaid, very poorly educated, but you got to love football..:) Love the exception.

    Flu shots are hard to come by, even the seasonal one, its crazy! I’ve never had a flu shot before and I haven’t decided if I’ll get one yet. Not because of being afraid or anything, but the inconvenience of going to get one, me being healthy, etc. I’m pretty good at boosting my immune system with Vitamin C and D3.

    The flu is like driving..its not you have to worry about..its the other person..with the snotty nose.

    • sarafraser

      Glad you saw that. You’re pretty much the only football fan I can handle. Mostly because you write about it. Intelligently.

      And why does like EVERY kid I see have a snotty nose? Why?

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