Tool of the Month: Richard Heene

You a lie.

You a lie.

Does anyone believe the bullshit spewing from this media-hound father? I. Don’t. Think. So. Yes, yeah, I’m glad the kid is fine. I was worried sick about this yesterday, calling the Husband, tweeting like a crazy person, harassing my friends/coworkers on instant messenger. I watched, transfixed, as the weather balloon raced through the sky. I imagined a terrified six-year-old, huddled in the basket, crying for his mommy. I even prayed, alright?

But I think you’re a liar, Richard Heene. I think it is publicity. I saw the video. I heard your kid and I cringed at your reaction. I also saw the video of the balloon flying away. I watched you watch the balloon fly away. I heard you yell. I don’t believe you thought your precious child was in that balloon.

And if I’m right, you’re an epic douche bag. If I’m wrong, sorry, you’re still an epic douche bag.

Peace, Love, and The Committee to Stop Idiots from Having Children.



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8 responses to “Tool of the Month: Richard Heene

  1. Dan Whipkey

    Yeah hes not all right in the head

    • sarafraser

      Yeah, no. He’s not. He took the kiddies on tornado chases and junk. And helium? In the back yard? Apparently, child protection services is getting involved. Thank you, Wolf Blitzer.

  2. This guy is an A number one asshole! My family was torn up all worried about the kid and the family–seriously? Now I feel like we’ve been duped; duped by a douche bag. Lets stick his ass in a helium balloon for real!

  3. I’m a horrible human being because through all of that drama, I had no sympathy for these parents. WHAT KIND OF IDIOT LEAVES AN “EXPERIMENTAL” FLYING DEVICE OUT WHERE THEIR KIDS CAN GET TO IT? That was all I could think through the whole thing.

    And to make it VERY clear what a horrible person I am, I actually laughed out loud when the news came that the kid wasn’t even in the balloon.

    I admit – I hoped the kid would come out of it okay. I hoped he wouldn’t be hurt, but I just never could work up a whole lot of empathy with his parents because they’re morons, IMNHO.

  4. Bill

    Twisted…Staged… It is a fine line. Criminal charges are coming soon. As well they should be.

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