Buhbye, David.

I am, in theory, a staunch opponent of the death penalty. I call it barbaric. I point out the chance of an innocent person being executed. I say that it’s not our right, anyone’s right, to determine whether another person lives or dies. I maintain that a life sentence, with no chance for parole, is a better punishment. Yada, yada. You know my politics by now, dontcha?

And then I see shit like this: David Edenfield sentenced for molestation, murder of six-year old.

Can epic sickos like this be rehabilitated? I don’t know. I don’t think so. And I don’t really care. If it were my child, I doubt this fuck would have had the luxury of a trial. Just sayin’.

Is this too heavy for Thursday? Prolly. Enjoy some lighter reading:



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18 responses to “Buhbye, David.

  1. There are no words sufficient enough to describe what a horrible person/act this was…. I have always waivered back and forth on what I believed to be just punishment, but in this case, he should die. painfully. like. today. As should the other two.

    • sarafraser

      I waiver back and forth as well, but I think that’s better than being staunch and unflexible. Like everything else in life, shit gets down, dirty and different when it actually happens to you. Or when you imagine it happening to you.

      Ah, I dunno. But I do think discussing this, debating this — yeah, I think that’s healthy.

  2. Jamie Seay

    Emails from an Asshole – Thanks. I have a report at work that I’ve been meaning to put off….

  3. I am staunchly anti-death penalty as well, for all of the reasons that you listed. This man is obviously deplorable, and not worthy of his freedom, but somehow I just can’t bring myself to say that he deserves the death penalty any more than say, Paul Bernardo (Canadian serial rapist and killer, general psychopath) but even then, I feel it’s better that he be forced to sit and rot for the rest of his life. I will not stoop to his level by deciding that another human being doesn’t deserve to live the way that they did.

    That being said, I’m sure I would have a hard time keeping to my principles if it were my child.

    • sarafraser

      I totally understand where you’re coming from. It’s…complicated. And I really do agree with what you’re saying. And won’t it all be dealt with in the end, whether you believe in Jesus and all that, karma, or nothing at all? Yeah. But again, were it my child, I think fury trumps principles.

  4. I was in college, living in the dorm, when Ted Bundy was finally executed. After escaping from jail *twice* to continue killing women. And although I also am conflicted about the death penalty in general, this was one of the times I was glad of it. I think there are very few issues that are as simple as black and white and this is clearly one of them.

    • sarafraser

      A’ight. How did I not know this about Bundy? No, seriously, I had no idea he escaped. Twice. Smart fuckin’ psychopath. And you know, I don’t know that I’ll ever think the death penalty is ‘justice,’ there’s something to be said for vengeance. That’s what it would be, right? And I think, in certain cases, I’m OK with that.

  5. I’m anti-death penalty for financial reasons. Capital trials cost nearly twice as much as trials in which the death penalty is not being considered. Mandatory appeals drive that cost up even higher.

    I’d happily drop those reasons, however, if we were to make a punishment fit a crime. Because I’m a vindictive bitch like that, I cannot even lie. For this guy to get to drift off in a drug-induced coma then death? Too good for him, frankly. Way too good.

    • sarafraser

      You know, I always forget about the financial reasons. But yeah, you’re right. And yeah, you’re right again. D: What a friggin’ downer this blog is. Tomorrow, I blog about rainbows. Maybe sloths.

  6. Bill

    Here is my death penalty stance. It is designed to be a deterrent, not a punishment. No lesson is learned by a killer by being killed. Does it deter killers? I don’t think so. I don’t know the statistics, but I doubt killers think, “Maybe I shouldn’t kill this person because I might die.” So, IMO it doesn’t work, it is costly, and it isn’t always worthy of the crimes committed. If this guy is sentenced to death, as Steph said, he will get a shot and go to sleep. They won’t even do it if he has a fever. So that isn’t enough for him.

    I am opposed to the death penalty, but some people don’t deserve to live either.

  7. Dan

    Call me a sicko, but I think the little bastards should die as closely to the way their victims left this world. Give me and a few of my old army buddies a case of beer and a surgical laser and we will send this fellow off slowly….painfully…but with a flourish. I would specifically request the assistance of Sgt Olah….he had a uniquelly flexible morale compass.

    • Dan

      gotta learn to spell, although it could be said that Sgt Olah’s contribution to morale was also flexible…..meant moral compass!

      • Dan

        Actually seems I need to work on the full range of grammar….my sentence structure is lacking too. OH WELL.

      • sarafraser

        LOL. Every time I went to reply, you had left another comment. Heeee. It amuses me. I’m not the grammar police, ya know. Just the snark patrol. I like the “with a flourish” concept here…But, like, I was thinking the punishment could be equally torturous but less messy if we’re a little creative. Something involving, say, ‘N Sync, mouse traps and strobe lights.

  8. Death Penalty. Hmm. Sucks. Really sucks for all involved. So does death. It sucks for all involved. If proven guilty of murder – death. Opportunity to be forgiven by Jesus, ok. Eternity in hell taken care of… Choose your judges wisely. Still sucks.

    • sarafraser

      Well, you know I’m ambivalent about Jesus and hell and junk. So that doesn’t work for me. But I’ll agree that it sucks.

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