Tool of the Month: Joe Wilson

Joe Wilson Spit in Your Beer.

Joe Wilson Yells While Adults are Talking.

Yes, I know. I’m slow on the draw with this one but it was a tedious weekend full of solo parenting, family picnicking and long talks with my father, mostly about gambling, liver disease and Libertarianism. The blog has suffered. I missed the boat on Joe Wilson, but goddamn – he’s a tool.

The South Carolina senator is best known (only known?) for yelling, “You lie!” at President Obama during his speech to Congress last Wednesday. Seems that Wilson lost his cool when Obama asserted that health care reforms will not extend coverage to illegal immigrants. Wilson disagreed, and loudly, in an uber-tacky breach of congressional decorum. Following his little outburst and subsequent disapproving glances, Wilson buried his head in his BlackBerry and bolted from the chamber at the speech’s conclusion.

Wilson did call the White House to offer a half-assed apology. He’s also been called on to apologize on the chamber floor but he ain’t gonna.

A blog enumerating Joe Wilson’s toolish politics and behavior would run us well over 14 pages (yeah, that’s a totally random guess based on his epic dummyhood), so I’ll abbreviate with a pithy list:

  1. He’s an idiot. And I don’t like his suits. (The health care proposal clearly says that federal subsidies would go only to U.S. citizens and immigrants who are in the United States legally.)
  2. He’s a douche bag. (In 2000, Wilson voted against removing the Confederate battle flag from being displayed over the state house.)
  3. He’s confused about immigration. He’s confused about immigration and health care. He’s just confused, guys. (In 2003, Wilson voted for the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act, which authorized $250,000/year for reimbursing hospitals for treatment of illegal immigrants. That’s tax-payer money, Joe. This year, he changed his position and now opposes public funds for healthcare of illegal immigrants.)
  4. He doesn’t like craps. Or poker. Or anything fun. If it’s fun, you’d better believe that Wilson is probably curled up on the couch watching, “Intervention.” (Wilson is a staunch advocate of a federal prohibition of online poker.)
  5. He’s a baby. Dude, if I yelled every time I felt provoked, I’d be in prison. (Wilson attributes his outburst to feeling “provoked.”)

As Roger Simon (Politico) explains, “Wilson feeds their stereotype that most hard-core Republicans are white, Southern, rude and wrong.” Uhyup.

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2 responses to “Tool of the Month: Joe Wilson

  1. This also upset me, despite my Libertarian tendencies. I don’t care WHAT someone thinks about the President’s policies, STFU until the man finishes speaking because that is what you do for the President of the USA. I was disgusted by this completely, and I was further disgusted by the people on Twitter and Facebook who applauded Mr. Wilson’s action.

    • sarafraser

      Granted, I just don’t like the man. But — I’m all for the dick’s right to free speech, yada yada, vomit — just not the time or the place or the way. And agreed on FB and Twitter (which, by the by, is gettin’ on my nerves lately). People. Are. Hateful. And it makes me sad.

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