Take a Xanax and Send the Kiddies to School

Conservatives have their leopard-print panties in a gigantic wad over Tuesday’s Presidential address to the nation’s students. While I find it ridiculous, I also find it baffling. This isn’t partisan. This isn’t politics. This is a speech about staying in school and working hard. The objectors are confusing Obama’s political and Presidential roles.

Take It Easy.

Take It Easy.

Every week, there’s a new firestorm. A new reason to be irate. A new conspiracy theory. We live in an age characterized by instant overreaction and thoughtless, hard-line stances This latest right-wing backlash speaks volumes about the President’s detractors. They’re wound up with anger, red faced, and reactionary. The ranters, along with the tea baggers (I’m sorry, this is just too HEElarious), the birthers and the town-hall nutjobs are well beyond the point of looking absurd. A speech to school children results in such an uproar? It’s stupid. And more people need to stand up and say it: This. Is. Stupid.

How alarming that so many think the worst of the man and his motivation; from the Joker posters and accusations of non-citizenship to firearms at health-care rallies and cries of fascism, this demonstrates an utter lack of respect for the institution of the Presidency. Many believe that this is Obama’s forum for advancing his, uh, socialistic ideals. Are you insane? (Yep.) Do you even know what socialism is? (Nope.) Are you frightened that your young republican darling might jump the aisle and run toward the light? (If only.)

This is your president, as Bush was mine. And absolutely no, I’d not pull my kid out of school were he to hear one of Bush’s speeches, no matter the impact it may have had on the Kaiser’s grammatical skillz. Why isn’t it thrilling to have the President speak to a school? Whatever you think about his political philosophy, how can this be a bad thing? As an editorial at Kentucky.com explains:

They go beyond the pale, though, by saying the nation’s children need protection from our president’s words. What do they fear? That in a 15-minute speech Obama can hypnotize the nation’s youth into forgetting everything their parents ever taught them and … what? Do their homework?

Former Republican presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush delivered similar speeches to students. Reagan’s speech called taxes, “such a penalty on people that there’s no incentive for them to prosper … because they have to give so much to the government.” Yeaaaaah. Now I don’t really remember this speech, or Bush’s, but look at me now! I heard both and turned out just fine (and liberal). Send your kids to school. Relax. Have a stiff drink. It’s gonna be OK.



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21 responses to “Take a Xanax and Send the Kiddies to School

  1. Dan Whipkey

    Its crazy the big deal they are making of it…crazy!

  2. You hit the nail on the jack-off’s head. Are there any intelligent people left? Socialism– really people? I’m certain no one really knows what it is; if they did they might shut the hell up already! Nice job!

  3. Bill

    My issues were as follows: The president wants to talk to my child at a time when it is not convenient for me to hear the speech. He ‘encouraged’ all schools to broadcast it to the children. The administration said they aren’t going to tell you what he will say, but we want the teachers to ask the children “Why should you do what the president tells you to do?” Would the reaction from liberal parents be the same if it were the Pope saying these same things? Or from a Muslim leader? Or the leader of the KKK?

    My sanity is not important in this discussion, I know very well what Socialism is, and I have no fears of my children’s political views. I am a responsible parent that WOULD react the same way to ANYONE that would have wanted to speak to my child having released only the information the White House orginally released.

    • sarafraser

      I’m sorry. Did you just compare a speech by the President to a speech made by a KKK leader? Your logic is faulty, at best.

      Seems that your argument also leans toward the rather conspiratorial issue of the time that the speech was aired. When would you like the President to address the nation’s children? 10pm? 2am?

      Also, you had every right (and responsibility, I’d say) to read the speech on Monday, prior to its airing. Did you find anything even mildly offensive in its contents? No, really. Did you?

      Thanks for commenting. I still question your sanity. 😉

  4. Aimes

    He DID! He DID compare our President to a KKK leader. WHAT AN ASSHAT.

    • While I typically agree that he’s an asshat, and I especially agree with that sentiment right now, when I’ve just discovered that he’s decided playing with his own friends isn’t enough, he ought to come play with *mine, in this case, he didn’t deserve that.

      Unless you’re willing to also say he compared Mr. Obama to the Pope or a Muslim leader? If so, then I’m pretty sure he’s not the asshat here.

      • sarafraser

        I had nothing to do with the, “asshat,” comment. I also thought that mighta been your Bill and I was all, “shiiiiiit,” she’s gonna HATE me. In any case, I used the KKK reference because I found that to be the most extreme. Fair? Maybe no. But I do think it’s fair to say that neither a KKK leader, the Pope nor a Muslim was gonna talk to the wee ones. Logically speaking, it’s a false analogy. Don’t work. Um…thanks for reading? Hope we’re not mortal bloggin’ enemies (although — I’ve always pined for a nemesis.)

      • Bill

        I didn’t mean to stick my nose somewhere it didn’t belong. I am sorry.

      • sarafraser

        Dang. It. First rule of the blog — no apologizing. And really? No need. All’s well. People of zee wurl, relax.

  5. Bill

    No. I did not compare the president’s speech to a speech by a KKK leader. Your reading comprehension (as well as at least one of your readers) seems faulty at best.

    Perhaps in what is considered “Primetime” tv viewing would have been better.

    I did read the speech, and found nothing offensive, which was exactly what I expected.

    I may disagree with the President’s policies, but he is not a stupid person. However he does not have, nor does anyone have, the right to address my children about something which they won’t reveal to me, at a time designed to have them away from me. If you will recall the facts, the Obama administration planned to not release the text of the speech at all, then only did so Monday due to the protest of the people.

    And no Aimes, I am not an asshat. I am a responsible father that will continue to question the motives of anyone that tries to pull a stunt like this administration first attempted.

    • sarafraser

      Oh, toupee. I like my reading comprehension skillz. Yeah, I said skillz.

      Lookit, all I was saying (and maintain) is that this wasn’t a big deal. Never was. Can you imagine the fallout if, indeed, the speech had been laden with anything that might have been deemed political? As you said, the man’s not stupid. And he doesn’t need the heat.

      I wonder if Reagan and Bush released their respective speeches before they were made? I’ll research that. I doubt it.

      Thanks for the lively discussion. Sorry that Aimes called you an asshat. If it’s any consolation, she’s referred to me as, “Sara-the-stinky-asshat weasel” all day.

  6. Jed

    Here’s my tuppence worth.
    Have we as a nation become so partisan that we no longer have respect for the office of the President of the United States? Do we no longer respect lively discussion?
    It seems to me we all need to take a deep breath and realize that Barrak Obama is OUR president and not the left’s or the right’s. If one refuses to allow their children to listen to the President, what are we teaching them? Ignorance and intolerence? Many presidents have addressed school children over the years and it was looked upon as a exceptional undertaking. The President (whoever he or she is) should be respected and looked to as an example, regardless of their political persuasion. SHAME on the parents who have been brainwashed to think anything different. What did you expect to hear? What were you all afraid of? Perhaps Obama would magically mesmerise your precious little angels and then force them to join “The New Socialist Youth”
    Get real people. These are the same people who believe that Fox News is a news channel, when Fox news itself confessed to being an entertainment channel and therefore could and does have a “News Distortion Policy” (FCC 2005).

  7. We’re not mortal enemies. lol. Also, I get what you’re saying here. The President is going to have greater access just by virtue of his office, whereas the other examples wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) have that same access.

    But I also get what Bill’s saying – it’s hard to remain unparanoid (yeah, I just made that up) when people are playing cloak & dagger about a speech to our kids held during school. Did I worry about it? No. (Okay, the question about doing what the President says had me like “WTF” because I’m all LIBERTARIAN LIKE WHOA, so mindless submission to authority chafes my nethers, but the question, in context, made sense.)

    I think my biggest beef was the polarization I was seeing. When really? I’m all for speaking your point of view. It was just depressing, to me, to see that it had become an Us v. Them kind of thing, instead of a means to engage each other in real dialogue.

    And holy comment novel. I’ll shut up now.

  8. Aimes

    I still maintain. But I will keep that thought to myself next time ;P

  9. Aimes

    Ok, ok….I re-thought this and I want to apologize to Bill for the name-calling. Completely inappropriate and disrespectful. While I don’t agree with what you said, I typically try to stay away from blatant insults. I blame the diet pills. But regardless….I am sorry.

  10. sarafraser

    I’m so stressed out by this blog. I AM. I love you all, and think everyone is wicked smart. ohmyhead.

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