Everything’s Jake

Fridays are Friend Days.

Fridays are Friend Days.

Last time, I talked about my strange obsession with repeating, “Mum’s the word.” The other phrase that keeps me up at night?

Search me.

Now, wait. How did you read that? Did you say it aloud? You have to say it aloud. And the emphasis is on the, “me.” I think. Honestly, the phrase baffles me. How are you supposed to say it? Cause when I say it, I shrug my shoulders and lift my hands in the air slightly (This is all in my mind of course. Of course.) A declarative sentence? A cheeky question? What? I don’t GETIT.

Origin: means “I don’t know,” or, “I have no idea.” The phrase originated around the USA in 1900.

My friend Aimee offered a new one, entirely by accident. In emails to me, I noticed she often wrote, “Say.” Well naturally, I thought she was talking like a 1930s (or was in 1920s? I don’t care.) gangster. Saaaaaay, sweetheart, let’s go get an edge. No, turns out she was calling me Say. Ya know, like my name? Uhyeah.


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  1. Dan Whipkey

    Damn I wish I could remember the phrase a girl I used to date said. It didn’t make sense every time she said it. Search me.

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