Tool of the Month: Kristin Maguire

Stellar job, Sanford.

Stellar job, Sanford.

Kristin Maguire, State Board of Education chairman, resigned today citing family obligations. She is a gubernatorial appointee to the panel that’s charged with approving education standards taught in classrooms, what textbooks are used and how teachers are certified, among other duties.

She also home schools her four daughters.


South Carolina shines again with Maguire, who was the nation’s only home-schooler to head a state board overseeing public schools. Oh, but it gets BETTER. The Republican leader is also co-founder of South Carolina Parents Involved in Education, a group that pushes for abstinence education, taxpayer dollars spent on private schools and the teaching of intelligent design.

State Democratic Party Chairwoman, Carol Fowler, asserts, “Having Kristin Maguire chair the State Board of Education is akin to Dick Cheney teaching a gun safety course. What does a woman who home-schools her four children know about South Carolina public schools?”

I wish you well, Ms. Maguire. Keep fightin’ the good fight – at home.

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6 responses to “Tool of the Month: Kristin Maguire

  1. jimspice

    You GOTTA see this! Seems the real reason for resignation may be a bit more sordid.

  2. I would think she knows A LOT about public schools if she home schools her kids.

  3. sarafraser

    I have no problem with home schooling (except home schooled kids seem wicked weird). Just seems a LOT crazy that the decision maker for public schools doesn’t send her own children to those public schools. Call me crazy, but I call her unqualified. She is however qualified to be a mediocre erotica writer. Not as good as me, of course, but who is?

  4. I don’t think unqualified is the word. I think -hypocritical.

    And no one writes better mediocre erotica than you. 😉

  5. sarafraser

    I excel at mediocrity, yes.

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