Thomas asks, “When is Pink OK?”

Has it never occurred to anybody in Sara’s vast readership that maybe the friends from the IM conversations and guest blogs aren’t real?

Anyways, the other day I’m having lunch with Fraser, Jed, Cole, and Carla. I’m trying to make small talk with the Kaiser, so I lead off with the standard, “Cole, what’s your favorite color?”


Oh really?

Before lunch, Evan and I overheard Sara’s phone conversation with Cole, during which she told her son, “You are my sunshine!” Obviously, this might not always be the best way to express your affection to a young boy, so we came up with several alternatives

  • “You are my battleaxe when the Huns attack.”
  • “You are my phosphorous grenade when the enemy is crawling around at night.”
  • “You are my napalm when Charlie has overrun the LZ.”

You get the idea… but now to learn that Cole’s favorite color is pink? Evan and I discussed the issue and came up with the following timeline:


Pink-appropriate Timeline

Pink-appropriate Timeline

Then, yesterday I learned that some gender-obsessed teacher had told Cole that only girls like pink. And now he won’t say it is his favorite. Shame. I respect a man who likes pink.



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5 responses to “Thomas asks, “When is Pink OK?”

  1. Aimes

    Awesome, you’ve left me wondering if I’m in The Matrix.

    We ARE real…..right? 😦

    And ditto that – a real man can wear pink.

  2. sarafraser

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if you guys were just all characters in my DREAM?

    (Maybe not.)

  3. Aimes

    I seriously don’t think I’m going to be able to sleep tonight….

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