I Have a Problem

I can’t stop eating the Kaiser’s popsicles. I eat at least three a day. This latest one? Spilled all over my manuscript. Classy.

Aw, man.

Aw, man.

And you know what’s even shittier, as far as popsicle shittiness goes? The bananas are my favorite (I mean, I love anything banana flavored, but really don’t dig bananas themselves) but some of the yellows are actually PINEAPPLE. And I can’t tell the difference. They look exactly the same. Boooooooooo.


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2 responses to “I Have a Problem

  1. Dan Whipkey


    I get these ones(sugar free) that are coconut…mmmmmm

  2. sarafraser

    Coconut, I can handle. Pineapple pop? Not so much.

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