Wake & Cake

I made my coffee with real sugar this morning. And 2% milk. Also, there was a guy with his two sons at the pool last night. One of the little guys was all, “Daddy, am I a risk taker?”

Risky Breakfast
Risky Breakfast

Daddy grinned widely and replied, “Son, you sure are. You’re a real risk taker!”

I don’t like it. I don’t like it one bit. It’s awkward (I mean, do you think he was being ironic, channeling Bill Lumberg?). And really, doesn’t it send the wrong message? Do we really want our sons, who will in a few short years be driving, to believe risky behavior is a virtue (“Go ahead son, jump that four wheeler over the cliff. You’re a real risk taker.”)?




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2 responses to “Wake & Cake

  1. Dan Whipkey

    Thats a multi-vitamin? I thought it was a twinkie

  2. sarafraser

    I’m just happy that they’re holding hands.

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