Throw ya tallies in the sky

How do you feel about talismans? I ask because I received this in the mail today:

I'm not above this.

I'm not above this.

My creepy plastic coin came with the promise that if I follow a few simple steps, I’ll receive $25,000 on September 18. I shit you not.

Steps to mah easy money:

1)   Rinse talisman. Dry it with a clean, white cloth.

2)   Put the talisman against the middle of my chest and press it for several seconds. Envision positive thoughts.

3)   Cut talisman into 2 halves, with half of the crescent moon on each side.

4)   Return one half with the “special form” and ten dollas.

5)   Put the half Talisman under my mattress, near my noggin.

6)   Get ready for the, “Grand Ritual of the Black Moon,” and the big money soon to follow.

The husband asked me if I was going to do it. I didn’t answer, as I was digging through the linen closet for a pristine white towel.

Mo' talisman, mo' money.

Mo' talisman, mo' money.



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23 responses to “Throw ya tallies in the sky

  1. Dan Whipkey

    10 bucks well spent…party on September 18th!

  2. Talisman Testimony – When I received my FREE talisman in the mail, I said to myself, “Self, this is a joke.” So I threw it away. The next day the talisman was on the counter and I said to myself, “Self, this is creepy.” And I threw it away again. The next day the talisman was back on the counter. Someone had spilled Kool-Aid all over it. So I washed it, dried it – and to insure it’s proper disposal – cut it in half. I tossed half in the laundry basket and half in a random envelope. A month passed and I had forgotten all about the talisman. On September 18, 2008 my Great Grandmother received her birthday card from me in the mail. Inside she found the discarded half talisman. Without any warning she dropped dead. The rest is history. Along with the $25,000 she left me in her will. ~ Marla Hornswaggle, Omaha NE

  3. Sheryl

    I have received two of the talisman. Two different letters from the same person. The first one I still had sitting on my chest of drawers. I don’t think it is creepy looking, but rather interesting. I haven’t had any strange things happen because of it. I was just looking for rituals of the Black moon when I found your site. My opinion of this is that if the person who sent this talisman and letter to me were so good at what she represents herself to do she wouldn’t need all of my personal information, she would already know it. I figure it is just someone trying to make a living from home, a few dollars at a time.

  4. serendipity-do

    True story: I walked out of my house in Dallas this morning to go for my morning run. I saw this same postcard/coin on the sidewalk a few feet away. I set it by the back gate to grab later and take to work to investigate. So here I am at work Googling it and finding you with the exact same card and shiny coin. I tend not to get freaky junkmail like this anymore, so I am extra fascinated with it and hoping I have not inexorably vexed myself just by picking it up 😉

    • sarafraser

      That’s nuts! Nuts, I tell you. In any case, I’m sure you’re not vexed and I’m glad you found your way to this little blog. 😀

  5. Tara

    You say that it works. But I dont feel any good vibes. Plus I know that It is called Dark Moon Ritual. So what would you do if you got bad vibes from it

    • slwdrop

      I recieved same thing two weeks ago started hearing theese low tones at night followed the inststructions curious. only here them when my head is on pillow stops when not its under mattrres under my head. freaky!

      • holly

        I think its a sign, if you did not send it back you should. I already hear voices when I’m about to sleep, but I live with ghost and earplugs work.

  6. travis

    O’Lord!! yall got me feeling some kinda way about this hooker….. the person who posted the comment about the the low tone voices or sounds you keep hearing, PLEASE PRAY. This black moon b@!#h keep sending me the same letter like every month, she worrisome as hell, and the lady who said her grandmother dropped dead after the half talisman she received, i am truly sorry for your loss, but if that’s what it takes to get 25k i don’t want it. Something just doesn’t sound right, DANG SOMEBODY GOTTA DIE BEFORE YOU GET SOME MONEY??? What kinda shit is this “black moon b!@#h” on. And another thing, can anyone tell me how the hell she got your address??? because i don’t know that ho and for damn sure didn’t give her my address. If her supernatural ass can find out peoples address why the hell she can’t find out the info she needs from you. Anyway thanks for the info on this supernatural ho!

  7. holly donner

    I have spent the last few months focusing on the laws of attraction. Basically giving your wish list to the world and having it come to you. I too got this in the mail today and saw it as another way to exercise desires. Everyone should watch the secret, search it on YouTube the first 20 min. Are there. I was thinking I could find a ritual and do it myself with this coin but, no luck on Google. Really…life gives you what you what you are exspecting.

  8. Sherri

    I just got the same letter in the mail. I am a Christian and I am not sure how I feel about Voodoo stuff. So I am going to pray about this letter and let God tell me what to do. That is my advice to all of you who receive this kind of things in the mail. I personal opinion is leaning towards this letter as being like the junk mail I get a lot, that guarantees me that I have won 25,000 or more and then they ask me for money. Now the last letter I got like that I told them to take the money they wanted from me out of my winnings. I am just so wishing I could be a fly on the wall when they read that response. lol. Good luck everyone and God be with you.

  9. Erica

    I got the coin thing in the mail today.. Im not taking any chances so Im melting it down see if it comes back then.

  10. i got that same 6 page letter and two talismans-but why are all the dates of the ritual different-mine is april 21st, 2012? i figured if i had the TEN bucks to send her-MARIA DUVAL -blond hair and blue or green eyes-the letter states that she is the holder of the highest awards and degrees- she has more than 30 yrs. of accurate predictions and has more than 10,000 TV appearences and radio programs and featured in over 700 newspaper articles- has never failed to telepathically locate missing persons (more than 20 to date)-ability to predict the future confirmed in experiments by the greatest scientifis authorities-has predicted hundreds of major events all around the world -consulted by many international celebrities-and her letterhead states-DESTINY RESERCH CENTER?? go figure!!!!!

  11. Scott

    Hello i am a Minister who 3 angels came to at the first of the year, and i have been drawing and writing for GOD Evey since, I first revived a letter from THE SECRET SOCIETY the illuminaty promising me millions of dollars but they said that I have to never show the letter to anyone, I refused to do so. I still have the letters The next thing I got was a letter from a catholic church with a pic of JESUS on it and they wanted me to get on my knees and pray on the item and place it in the bible over night in a special place, then place it under my bed and the next morning sent it back asap, so i did, Then today i got this COIN in the mail wanting me to do all these things just like all the other letters did for others. From what I’ve seen in this life there are evil forces at work all over. O yes no one had my address or a return address on them, They just said i am your mentor. Well GOD is my mentor and Jesus has a plain for us all in this life without a GRAND BLACK MOON RITUAL, That;s not from GOD. Please be diligent about your own soul some entitles want to take it from you in exchange for money and power on this earth. My rewards are in Heaven and my jewels are my loved ones and my own HEART

    • quila

      Sir I had the same dream and the same things happened to me I would like to talk to u can u email me

    • Cruisnic

      I find you insane scott, god will not talk to you directly, i am not sure if this is what you mean but still. And angels will talk only to prophets, well you are a minister so would know more about this. But i know god will not talk to any more mortal man directly. And i know you are no prophet, for the last prophet has already shown himself.

  12. robert

    i just recived the same letter and coin in the mail today and was trying to find some info about it and came across this site. ill admit yes ive been going thru some rough times financially and my past few relationships havent been the best so when this letter promised a sum of money and to fix my relationship problems i was tempted to try it but at the same time i have a funny feeling about it and dont know what to think for sure i dont want to do it and have something bad happen to someone close to me

  13. Heidi

    Seriously guys! I received this bs letter because my mom went to a nursing home and her mail is transferred to my house and this woman even changed my mom’s address to mine right away! Even my mother’s IMPORTANT mail hasn’t done that! They say that all these lotto emails promising you big money to be deposited in your bank accounts and so forth if you “just give them your personal information”, YA, so they can rob you blind!, and “if you just send them a few bucks”, are huge scams. If you EVER win any legitimate money, you NEVER have to pay for anything. And for this woman to tell you in the letter that if you want more than $25,000 dollars, just write it down! Well who the hell doesn’t want more than $25,000. Give me a f…… break! I wonder how much money this woman has collected off all these poor souls who are so desperate in this economy because we are so damn broke, with the shred of hope of just winning something? I ALMOST thought about twice about this as that shiny little coin sparked my interest and did make me read that little post card…. I have to hand it to that woman….at least she was smart enough to get this little scam going and she’s making a buck…..on US! BUT I decided to look up this “Grand Ritual of the Black Moon” bullshit and found out it’s some dark ass scary bullshit that actually seems to bring the dead alive. I DON’T think that’s a good thing! and NOT to bring good things to people, like, love, money, good fortune and happiness like she CLAIMS in her 6 page fricken letter.! I think I’ll just keep playing the lotto and have a good of a chance as anyone else in this world of winning…..if my lucky stars are there…….still hoping and praying for that big win……oh by the way people….you know those famous “King Cakes” in New Orleans that are shipped everywhere for “Fat Tuesday”….Mardi Gras cakes….and if you find that special plastic toy baby in the cake, well, that’s oh my god, it’s so special, and you’re supposed to have unbelievable good luck and fortune and all these great things happen to you and you have to follow this little ritual as well….like make this coffee packet that comes with it, and where the plastic beads and bring (buy or whatever) the next cake to the next celebration on the next following year at the same time or you have bad luck like 10 times over! something to that affect! Doesn’t that kinda scare….well since I found that damn baby, ya, i cut a piece and thought holy shit my world is going to change, i’m so fricken happy…..well i have had the worst damn luck since i found that fricken thing ever since, I’m thinking of burning that damn thing and watching it melt alive! I wonder where the hell these people come up with these ideas…..REALLY!

  14. keya

    Hi i just received my letter today with that same coin and i have got to say i am so glad i did my research on it because i was just about to follow the instruction just to see was it real but all i been ready is bad news about it, one person been having bad luck and another person lost their grandmother just for $25,000 so i don’t want neither and i will not be continuing on with the letter nor the coin. Thanks everyone for your stories, u really can help someone from making a big disaster in their life. I pray everyone luck will change in life without a magic coin.

  15. how does one go about getting this coin? _I need one

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