Max in the White House

Not sure what my deal is this week, but I’m in a seriously heinous state of mind. Grumpy. Isolating. Generally pissed off at everyone and everything. That said, I’m immensely thankful for friends like these and IMs like this:

(11:40:43 AM) carlad10best: lol. i wanna “have a beer” with obama

(11:41:52 AM) maximilian: we should solve all stupid race problems with drunken debauchery

(11:41:56 AM) carlad10best: yes!

(11:42:00 AM) maximilian: you wanna have too many beers with obama i bet.

(11:42:02 AM) carlad10best: we should rule the world.

(11:43:12 AM) maximilian: i want him to read me harry potter as i go to bed

(11:43:28 AM) carlad10best: omg. that is the funniest thing i’ve ever heard

(11:43:33 AM) maximilian: that’s what sa-sha and ma-li-a got.

(11:43:42 AM) carlad10best: pahahah

(11:43:45 AM) maximilian: sa-SHa and ma-LEE-ah

(11:43:56 AM) carlad10best: “obama, will you be mah daddy?”

(11:44:11 AM) maximilian: it’d be like the fresh prince. me in the white house = will in the mansion

(11:44:18 AM) carlad10best: lol. yesssss

(11:44:30 AM) maximilian: joe biden would be like goeffry

(11:45:02 AM) carlad10best: LOL

(11:45:14 AM) sara: holy shit



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2 responses to “Max in the White House

  1. Tina

    hahahahahah…wish i had been in on this conversation!

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