Angels Creep Me Out Anyway

Cole has this book, Silent Night. Yeah, it’s what you think it is. There’s a star, and ya push it and it plays the song. Each page has a different variation of the nativity scene, along with a verse of Silent Night (There are like seven. I sang them all.) So in one of the pictures, there are some angels, watchin’ over the baby Jesus. Cole’s all, “Mama, what are they?”

“Those are angels, sweetheart. They’re excited about Jesus.” (Man, the kid doesn’t even know what an angel is. Oops.)

“Oh.” He stares.

I try to turn the page. He snaps it back open and points at a chubby angel floating through space.

“I want one of those, Mama.”

“Er…Well, angels are everywhere.” (Really?)

“I want one in my home.” He points emphatically at the book. “And I want one named Thomas.”

I say some bullshit about angels. But after I came downstairs and the house grew quiet, I did Google image. Best I got is the Apostle Thomas, and I don’t think I want this fella watching over anyone:


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