A Return to Blogging… Sorta

Alright, alright. It’s been months. I know this. Each day passes and I realize that I’ve neglected to write anything, anything at all, other than commercial website and corporate blogs. And as the days pass, I find it more and more difficult to return to what once brought me joy, or at least purged the mad thoughts that often race through my mind. And so it went.

 Forgive me for presenting this, as opposed to a real, funny, self-deprecating blog. Gotta ease back into it, the writing. I forgot just how hard it is to be honest. How hard it is to be funny. But this has been on my mind for a while. Soooo. Yep.

Dukkha. It’s suffering. In Buddhist thought, our transient lives are defined by such. The purpose of Buddhism is the cessation of dukkha – in ourselves, in others, in the world. The Buddha, once enlightened, taught that we suffer because we constantly want. We want the things that can not and will not give lasting happiness. We desperately hold on to things – friends, health, material things – that do not last. This holding on, this grasping at the transient causes dukkha. Nothing lasts; not those things that bring joy and not those things that bring pain.

We can relieve suffering only by recognizing the impermanence of all things and freeing oneself from attachment to these things. End the imperfect desire and you end the suffering.

I’m working through this right now.

Make an island of yourself,
 make yourself your refuge; 
there is no other refuge.
 Make truth your island, 
make truth your refuge; 
there is no other refuge.
Digha Nikaya, 16


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