Ah, Suckage.

Brought to you by….me. Yeah. First a week went by. Then two. Etc. Etc. I suck. I’m sorry. Please don’t lose faith in the blog, or in my writing. Your patience shall be rewarded with an extra juicy blog entitled, “How we were rich, how we got poor, how we faked it and how we got the fuck outta debt.” Really, something along those lines. Although, admittedly, the ‘outta debt’ part may run into, oh, 2020. 

Seriously, I love you all. Stick around.


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2 responses to “Ah, Suckage.

  1. La Feroce Bete

    I would tell you to barter your soul, but we all know how much that's worth. 😉

  2. jdonlan2000

    I sure wish you would get back at this! Part of the health process you know.

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