Bedtime Secrets

Things I’ve learned:

1. Do not read, “I’ll Love You Forever.” You will cry. Your husband will cry. Your kid will toss his train at your sloppy, slobby head.

2. Don’t lie down. Your three-year old will snuggle you up, beg you to stay, and you will want to do just that.

3. Group hugs are perfect and lovely and, ok, pretty much the best thing in the whole damn world. But they last forever. Foreeeever.

4. Enjoy it. Before ya know it, your kid will walk up the stairs without saying goodnight, slam the door and you won’t see him again until he’s 25.



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2 responses to “Bedtime Secrets

  1. La Feroce Bete

    I’ll Love You Forever is the sweetest book ever written.

  2. Sara Fraser

    It really is.

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